Hall Of Heroes

Hall of Heroes

This is the story of everyday heroes. They are everywhere around us, in our streets, in our cities, in our homes. Some are more visible than others, even if they do not wear a cape or underpants over their pants ...

Among the visible heroes we think of firefighters, rescuers, doctors, caregivers, but there are also people who will help you, marking a defining period of your life, like a friend whose presence at a critical moment in your life prevented you to sink, a teacher who knew how to reveal or motivate an existing passion in you.

There is still a category of heroes that we hardly think about and this is the one I would like to talk to you about. These are people like you and me who simply by their existence, their courage demonstrate that they are heroes, in their daily lives. Everyday heroes. It is those who do not give up despite the incredible difficulties they are going through, those who are still alive despite the great suffering in front of their policies face, often smiling. For the most part, you have no idea what they are going through every second.

Here are some of these incredible people I love

Meet Faustine, a bright, beautiful, gifted young woman with a great voice, just like me with Myalgic Encephalomyelitis. In much worse and with a procession of other diseases which make him endure real ordeal. She fights, she inspires around her, she sings beautifully well. She is a daily heroine. Because it does not let go. She's alive.
I was inspired to paint her portrait and wanted to encourage her with my little means. Thinking and praying for her, I saw her full of colors, full of life, spreading joy around her. This is what I wanted to represent in this portrait.
The disease steals a good part of our life, from our "former life" and by doing so a part of ourselves.
I want to restore the image of this beautiful person that she is, beyond suffering.
Her name is Faustine, she is a real heroine. 

I also present to you Fati. Suffering from a congenital handicap, she survived 6 or 7 septicemia and unfortunately has to spend too much time in the hospital, far from her husband and her little daughter. But she’s a great fighter, she has a heart of gold, a wonderful smile, a look sparkling with life.
And even in bad days most of the time she looks good, for those around her, for her family.
The heroes are not those who are "perfect", with an "ultra-bright" smile in all circumstances. These are the ones who even in the days of deep discouragement get up. Again and again.
Praying for Fati, I saw her as a desert lioness. This infrequent breed is characterized by great adaptability to the extreme desert conditions. It really represents who she is.
Fati is a great heroine. She has all my respect and admiration. I hope that this contribution will give her the courage to face her challenges. 

Who are your heroes? 

I would like to challenge you: Honor your heroes. There are some around you: it can be someone from your family, a mother who was particularly there for you, a friend who supported you in a difficult period, someone who marked you in your childhood, someone who fights daily against great suffering, this filth of diseases or particularly painful ordeals. Express your gratitude!

Be someone who encourages, and honor those people who will in turn join this Wall of Heroes!
The impact of your recognition can be enormous and bring comfort, joy and hope to the person you cherish. Make them want to keep fighting.

Yes! I Offer an absolutely unique present !  

You are among those who choose to encourage and honor the people you care about. All in your honor.
Encouraging and honoring each other is a quality to be privileged.

You can offer an absolutely unique portrait that will give or make someone smile. You too will become a hero! No need to face dragons for that, but bringing hope, recognition, joy in the life of a loved one is worth a few dragons!

Here is the project's presentation.

And now ? 

You just follow the step by step instruction pdf . Any question? Contact me at: sara.roulet@regartdevie.com

Once the portrait is ordered,  send one or more photos, with the best quality of your hero at : sara.roulet@regartdevie.com. If the quality sent is not sufficient I will contact you.

Allow a maximum of one month. Indeed, being myself suffering from Myalgic Encephalomyelitis, I cannot guarantee short deadlines but be assured that I would execute it as soon an fast as possible.

What is my approach?

I first take the time to think and pray for the person. Indeed for me it is important not to just paint to make a realistic portrait but to see the identity of the person and what he gives off. For sick people for example, seeing them beyond their illness is vital. It is not "a sick person" but a person, who has a life, dreams, an identity, facing the disease.

No matter what your belief, praying, saying good things about a person’s life is good. This person is and will remain in my thoughts and prayers, it becomes special for me too and not just an order or just a portrait among others. Everyone is special. Each one is unique.

I paint it according to the photo - we have to recognize it ! But with characteristics that I would have perceived from it - colors, background image or other depending on the inspiration that came to me. I cannot know in advance how the portrait will be in the end.

This is all the originality of this portrait which will be absolutely unique.

I am currently working on an IpadPro 2018, with the Procreate software.

The result

The portrait will be printed on Hahnemühle 200g Art paper in Fineart print in 30x40 cm format  (11.81 x 15.75 inches ) and will thus be delivered to you with a text describing what I felt about the person.

If you have a particular wish (framed, receive the digital version ...) let me know in the email containing the photos you will send. I would then reassess the price with you, according to your request.

The price

The price includes the hours spent painting the portrait, as well as printing and delivery. Everything is included!

A Triple Good Action!

By ordering a portrait you triple encourage:

  • By honoring your hero
  • By participating in the "Great Wall of Heroes" project
  • By supporting an artist herself suffering from a disabling illness.

By this order you also authorize that the portrait produced be after delivery of the order, put on this site in the Wall of Heroes as well as my social networks. I only put the first name on the portrait, not the last name. If you absolutely do not want the portrait or the first name to be made public, please tell me specifically in the email by sending the reference photos. Also if you do not want the portrait to be made public before a certain date (for example so that the surprise is total). 

I want to Offer an absolutely unique present !